Managed accounts are becoming an increasingly popular way of accessing the markets for retail investors, who have neither the time nor the expertise to trade their own account. An investment in a managed account provides investors with the ability:

To profit from regular fluctuations in the Forex , Commodity and Equity markets
To have their account managed by a professional money manager
To have complete access to their investment, 24 hours a day.
Automatic Trading Account - Take the Emotion Out of Trading
We are offering you a unique opportunity to effortlessly get involved in Trading the Markets, and to have your account managed by a team of highly experienced traders.

We invite you to choose a risk level that suits your trading style and then sit back to watch your account grow to new levels with the minimum drawdown. You will have complete control on the funds in your own segregated account and can freely add or subtract funds as you wish.

Finally we are available at all times to answer your queries and make sure you understand the tremendous opportunity on offer. In summary this is a very reliable, low risk way to start trading the markets with the assistance of professional traders and a company that is here to help you WIN.
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An account with Managed Trading provides investors with:

The ability to make absolute, positive returns irrespective of market conditions
Charges that only apply to profits made
Immediate access to their capital and accumulated profits

The managed account is operated within very strict investment guidelines, where risk management is a priority, so that drawdowns and losses are minimised, and returns maximised.

In today's volatile and uncertain economic environment, investing a part of your portfolio in a managed account is seen as a prudent strategy to ensure proper risk management and intelligent portfolio allocation. Furthermore it is an efficient method of diversifying risk away from a predominantly equity based portfolio.

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